Speaking engagements

If you are looking for an entertaining and motivational speaker for your club or business function that will enthrall everybody, then you can contact Peter to discuss arrangements. There are many fascinating stories about how Peter was able to achieve the impossible: to make a living out of the very same poker machines found in the clubs and pubs in the audiences’ very own neighborhoods, and lessons for business in finding profitable opportunities that others don’t see.

All questions will be answered, and with humour. There is no other person in the world with a better knowledge of how to make money on poker machines than Peter. Generally acclaimed “The most interesting talk of this year” by his audience, the participants will leave with stories that will fascinate their own friends.

Peter is very careful not to encourage gambling. In fact he does the opposite explaining how to calculate the true cost of a “flutter on the pokies”. The majority of Peter’s audiences are not poker machine players, but appreciate the insights into the mathematics of the games, the secret “edge” that professionals make their business from, and how you can find that “edge” in your own field.